What do leaders need to empower, equip, and endure?

Authenticity. Creativity. Resiliency. Cultural competence. These are marks of twenty-first century leaders.

In the family of God, leaders add qualities of humility and integrity, passion and compassion, strength and spiritual discernment.

Whether you serve in church, academy, community, or industry, whether you are new to your call or well-seasoned in ministry, find practical education for Spirit-led leadership.

Leadership Topics

Want to strengthen your spirit, discover new tools, share best practices, and network with potential partners?

  • Expand your skills and add to your ministry toolkit.
  • Discover current trends in leadership training.
  • Cultivate intercultural competency.
  • Innovate mission education with emerging generations.

Grow as a leader in the company of diverse generations, cultures, and theological perspectives—online and in-person.