FAQs with Michael Beck

Q: Do you see many churches that have been able to make the transition into one of a blended ecology?

(1:00 – 2:28) 

Q: How do you change the hearts and minds of those in our church who DON’T see the need for any of this? They just want to find a better Sunday school teacher, do a cool vacation Bible school or hire a pastor with young kids. How do you bring them along?

(2:28 – 6:24) 

Q:  Are there ever ministries where it makes more sense to let the inherited (existing) church die? What do you see as signs of that?

(6:25 – 10:20) This response includes thoughts about how to use staff time most effectively. 

Q: I love the 50/50 planner concept. Was that an easy thing to build support for and implement? Were there some critical steps you would suggest? I’m with you, but how do I bring others along?

(10:20 – 15:35)

Q: How do you train the leaders of your missional communities/fresh expressions? Do you meet with them regularly?

(15:36 -19:00) 

Q: What do I say to my trustee who is going to ask, “Will these new communities help us pay our bills?”

(19:00 – 21:15) 

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