Week 4: Trauma & Crisis Response

Instructor: Chaplain (CPT) Rich Blanchette 

Monday, Feb 27, 2023, 6:00 pm ET / 3:00 pm PT


This seminar will introduce the cohort to the interdisciplinary study of trauma. The learner will explore some of the unique challenges that trauma poses. This class will also familiarize learners with some best practices to help them respond to the complex challenge confronting traumatized persons in their respective communities.


Assignment #1: Police Department Scenario. Please view the video below before proceeding to Assignment #2.

CAUTION: This video does not show the actual violence of a shooting. However, the content may still be sensitive to some viewers—discretion is advised.

Assignment #2: Respond to the questions in the document below. You need not provide written responses to questions 1-3 (personal reflection), but please upload your responses to questions 4-6 in preparation for class. You can submit those responses via email to Dr. Patricia Murphy.

Assignment #2: The following document is a useful reference provided in preparation for the class session on March 21. Please familiarize with the reactions described here before you log in for class.

Additional readings (referenced in this week’s class session): Please review the following materials as they prove to be helpful in your own ministry with people in crisis and trauma.