Week 5: Grief & Loss

Instructor: Rev. Dr. José Tate

Monday, Oct 31, 2022, 6:00 pm ET / 3:00 pm PT


Those who are called to be spiritual caregivers are better equipped to help others process grief when they have worked through their own pain and loss. From a biblical and practical perspective, this seminar will allow the learner to identify some of the following:  the dynamics of grief and loss; the ability to articulate one’s own journey with grief, loss and bereavement; experience and understand grief as a process towards healing and wholeness.


Assignment #1: Please write and submit a 2-page paper about your journey through or experience with grief and loss. You may email the assignment to Dr. Pat Murphy (see syllabus for her email address).

Assignment #2: Be sure to review and respond to the Case Studies exercises (below), which will be discussed in this week’s class session. The readings for each case study may be found in one of the required books for this week (see Materials). Please do this before the start of class on March 28. You do not need to submit this exercise.

QUIZ: Don’t forget to take the 12-question True/False quiz prior to class!

Required Reading