Devin Stubblefield

Your Money, Your Goals Trainer

Devin currently is serving as an ICF contractor providing Training and Technical Assistance on behalf of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This work includes working directly with organizations (like ABHMS) who are currently part of the Your Money, Your Goals agency cohort for 2020–2021.

His 32-year career includes working on projects and initiatives with the Washington Asset Building Coalition, the Financial Educators Providers Network, Bank on Seattle, the National Financial Educators Council, and Dave Ramsey’s Preferred Master Financial Coach program.

Devin leads financial education training events for various faith-based and social services agencies around the country. He is considered a leader among the nation’s heart-centered financial trainers committed to providing unbiased financial education and financial coaching guidance. His passion is to help front line staff to provide the tools and resources to help the people they serve to overcome barriers to achieving financial wellness.