Angelene Naw, PhD


Dr. Angelene Naw, PhD, is currently Professor Emerita at Judson University, in Elgin, IL. where she taught history from 2002-2016. Dr. Naw earned her doctorate in Southeast Asian History from East-West Center University of Hawaii in 1988, where she was recipient of the Open Grant Award, a 4-year fellowship for the PhD program. She also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in History from the University of Rangoon in Burma (Myanmar). From 1998 through 2002, Dr. Naw was Chief Operating Officer at the Society for the Aged Sick in Singapore. She is fluent in English, Burmese, and Karen (the language of a small ethnic group in Thailand and Burma).

In addition to teaching in various capacities at several institutions in Burma, Angelene Naw served as Director of Tourism Planning and Promotion, Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar (Burma).  From 1992-1995, she was Executive Secretary to the Minister of Hotels and Tourism in Myanmar.

Dr. Naw is recipient of numerous awards and honors in both the United States and in Burma. In 2016, the Elgin, IL, YWCA, presented her with their Racial Justice Award. During her tenure at Judson University, she was honored with the Surbeck Summer Award. And in 2007, she was awarded a Certificate of Honor by the Hundred Years Jubilee Committee on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Yangon Kayin Christian Endeavor Union in Burma.

Coming soon: Dr. Naw will publish her first book with Judson Press, a detailed history of Burma and the Karen people.