Christine Roush, DMin

Teaching Fellow

Christine Roush brings extensive experience to her role as National Coordinator for Discipleship and Faith Formation with the American Baptist Home Mission Societies, having previously served as Executive Director of Camping, Senior Pastor, Region and National staff, and COO of a community for adults with developmental disabilities.

Chris is passionate about discovering new models of ministry to engage both those who grew up in church but left (Dones), and those who have never had a relationship with Jesus (Nones). Helping congregations shift from visions designed to attract people into their buildings toward ministry focused on growing disciples who join God where God is already at work in their communities is her priority.

An avid reader and lifelong learner, Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Science Education and Political Science and a master’s in History from SUNY Oneonta. She went on to earn a Doctor in Ministry from Portland Seminary, in Church in the Emerging Culture, where her dissertation focused on issues of consumerism and stewardship and culminated in the writing of a small-group study, Swimming Upstream: Reflections on Consumerism and Culture. She currently serves as Project Faculty for the Doctor in Leadership program at Portland Seminary.