Rev. Elizabeth Tamez Méndez


Elizabeth Tamez Méndez is founder and executive director of New Generation3 (NG3). She merges her passion for seeing youth thrive, with her 30 years of ministry experience working with youth and leaders in various contexts.

As an international speaker, author, consultant, and researcher, Elizabeth has experience and education in youth development, leadership, sociology, practical theology, nonprofit administration, project management, business, and architecture/design. All this allows her to offer a unique approach toward providing you with creative and distinctive solutions tailored to the specific needs of youth and leaders alike.

Dr. Méndez is a specialist in multicultural youth development and strategic planning, has diverse ministerial experience, is ordained in the Baptist church, and holds a PhD in Leadership. Part of her work includes teaching youth development courses at various universities and seminaries, fulfilling speaking commitments, and publishing in articles, blogs, and edited books. Her current research projects are based on Positive Youth Development theories, with a concentration on youth leadership development. She is also producer and coauthor of the forthcoming congregational resource series Tierra Fértil / Fertile Ground: Cultivating Character-Forming Communities Supporting Youth (Fuller Youth Institute/ Templeton Foundation).

Originally from Mexico, Elizabeth is passionate about developing young leaders. She is also a world traveler with a deep love for photography, art, and street foods!