Jeffrey A. Johnson, PhD

Teaching Fellow

Dr. Jeffrey A. Johnson enjoys seeing new and established congregations and their church members grow excited about sharing their faith. As National Coordinator of Faith Initiation and Discipleship, his ministry includes frequent trainings on his Got Style?™ personality-based strategy of evangelism—the principles of which are laid out in his Judson Press book by that title, a model which he has expanded beyond faith initiation to faith formation and congregational leadership in preaching and teaching. He also coaches members of the National Evangelism Team and remains a knowledgeable resource about the field of evangelism for churches and their leaders.

Jeff’s strong, Christ-centered emphasis on individual and congregational evangelism is rooted in the Word of God, encouraging American Baptist churches to look outside their walls into their community and make both a spiritual and societal impact that is relevant and relational, changing both the soul of the individual and the community.

A lifelong learner, Jeff earned the PhD in Theology from Tyndale Seminary, an MA in Ministry from Carolina University, and a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from California State University, California, Pennsylvania.