Rebecca Irwin-Diehl

Director and Teaching Fellow

Rev. Rebecca Irwin-Diehl, MTS, MA, is passionate about learning—learning through books and other media, through encountering and interacting with people as individuals and in community, and through immersing in hands-on experience. She is also a practical theologian, so she wants learning to have real-world relevance and life-changing application. So, her commitment as Director of the ABHMS Center for Continuous Learning is to be a fellow learner, to practice action-reflection, and to make sure that all CCL offerings are useful for the strengthening of God’s people, the renewing of minds, and the transforming of God’s world.

Rebecca spent more than 20 years as Editor with Judson Press, the historic publishing ministries of American Baptist Churches USA, experience that she often likened to being the modern-day equivalent of Nehemiah, building to build a platform for Judson’s authors, who are called to proclaim the Word as twenty-first century Ezras. Rev. Rebecca’s new role as Director of the CCL has continuity with her experience in publishing ministries, because she continues to build a platform from which God’s Word may go forth.

After securing her bachelor’s degree in English-writing from Eastern College (now University) and going on to Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Seminary of Eastern University) to earn a Master of Theological Studies in Contemporary Theology (“for fun”!), Rebecca is currently a doctoral candidate at Villanova University, pursing the PhD in Theology & Religious Studies, with an interdisciplinary focus on Christian spirituality and ethics.