What is a Passionary?

An ordinary person exhibiting and extending the grace of God with everyone everywhere.
  • Are you moved by compassion to rebuild neighborhoods destroyed by flood or fire? You're a Passionary.
  • Are you inspired by a vision of a better world to advocate for "least of these"? You're a Passionary.
  • Are you committed to healing the wounds of systemic injustice? You're a Passionary.
  • Are you invested in partnering with others in God's Reign? You're a Passionary.

Passionary Topics

Join the Passionary movement!

Training courses in Public Witness and Advocacy will teach you to amplify your voice through organizing, activism, and advocacy at the local, state, and national levels.

Classes in cultural competency, spiritual caregiving, and self-care will equip you for disaster response and crisis ministries.

And immersion experiences will orient you to new cultures and new stories, opening hearts and minds to know and be known in healing ways.